Saturday, October 2, 2010


Life is about making decision all the time. From the day u was born till the day u are dead. Making decision seems not hard, either 50-50 but every decision that made change one’s life.

I’ve made alot alot of decisions till today and I’m not sure whether all those decision that I've made right or wrong. Again this has alwiz been on my mind since July. Contemplating again and again when I alwiz think of freedom. yes, freedom is the thing that im looking at, however freedom cant buy me full when i needs food, freedom cant let me settle or clear my monthly commitment.

Still jotting down the advantages and disadvantage when a big decision making is a need and necessary. Know which stands the most but with my stubborn personality, contemplating, complaint will never stops.

That’s about me. Feel envious when seeing friends surrounding me are getting successful, seeing them enjoying their life to the MAX while me here….still the same. When can I be as successful, as rich, as freedom, as happy as them?

I’ve too much of dreams to fulfil and too little of fund or time to achieve those that i’ve dreamt for. aiks….still sighing all the way. Never seem to be ending in my life.

Better not to make too much of complaints else i guess there are many close ones out there nagging and scolding me non stop….hahaha…guess they know who they are…


Monday, February 1, 2010

Sharing a depressed side of me~

My luck isn't really favoring me these days..Or maybe I can said its not favoring me at all once I came down to KL. It ain't smooth at all esp in my Wealth and my Career Luck.

I'm kinda unhappy whenever I feel lost and demotivated. Every factor in my life affected my daily living. I discovered that my life ain't perfect as what I always thought or dream of. I'm deeply depressed and sad!

WHy is there to blame about when I myself being too naive at ALL the times. Wondering hard, where am I suppose to be, what do I suppose to encounter. I really have alot of bad experiences in KL. None of my living seem to be smooth. Too many obstacles and discouragement for me.

I've been tired of all the trials and errors. I'm also a normal human that will feel tired. But why am I having such troublesome. Is it all punishment I suppose to have in my life? Is this another test from God once again without stopping? I've had enough.

I seriously hope I could find a better life in the Year of Tiger. I'm awaiting for good and lucky angel to stay by my side all these while. I pray hard for the lucky charm that I will meet soon~

Need alot of encouragement from my family, friends, and everyone that is close to me. I need everyone's strength to let me stay strong and fight for my own future.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Messed up

Messed up....what has been messed up?? Everything was messed up due to tiredness and concentration!!

It's kinda sad & moody when ones happily waiting for something that has been expecting or promised but ended up being delayed or canceled due to some unexpected moments.

How nice or perfect it would be if everything goes smoothly....No mistakes toward everyone's life. A sailor is not able to sail smoothly and peacefully if the weather is not prohibiting. It's always on the weather and also the skills a sailor has!
It's so sad to know that if the sailor is not ready or not up to the skill or in a bad/ weak health with the distracted mind or the low maintenance of the ship! All the passenger in the ships will end up with disappointment and I'm sure without any assurance and action from the sailor, the passenger would not ease their minds. THere comes those unwanted things or feelings pop up in every of the passengers' mind!! Passenger would only trust and relieve when there is some actions taken!

Well, understood that its very different from my other blogs but this is something which is hard to explain and its better to put in other scenario to explain! Sigh!

As a conclusion, my life has messed up due to some circumstances and wasn't sure will this continue to the rest of my life or just a short term period!!!
I can really claimed that human always tend to be the angel and THE DEMON at the same time!!! sighHhhHHHH~~~~~~~

Thursday, October 22, 2009

This is the time..

I've been naive for the past 9 months. Acceptance, apologies come and go! It was hurt for every of these but yes I've learn the lesson. But I wasn't sure have I grown up.

This is a real life experience which every human being have to go through and I've been through. I've tasted the sweetness, bitterness, sourness feeling from the Day 1.

I always thought I could change something/ someone to a better one, to the one of my dream but I was wrong. Commitment, Compromise are all rubbish. It doesn't exist at all. Every "yes" answered was just bullshit! Now I should really believe in these 2 terms.."Action speaks louder than words" & "A leopard never change its spot". This is very truee. Human out there, do remember sometimes sacrifices would not bring you any good but harm. Harm towards the heart (emotional), the mental and physical as well.

I think this is really the time to let go. This is when compromise & trust turns to lie. When lies exist, there's no more truth, no more trust and no more confidence & compromise in this . I really do not know how to continue when trust and confidence are no longer exist.

May the decision made would be the best for all. I do pray hard that I could let it go slowly without pain....and sorrow...

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Anyone feel it? I feel it yesterday at my office in Jaya 1 at the time of 6.23pm. I can feel the tremor for 3 times. It was a funny scene when I come to think of it. WHy?

Normally we off work at 6pm, so yesterday I was late to work, so I stayed longer in the office to compensate back the time. When I was busying facebook-ing, Suddenly I feel very dizzy. So I thought I was so tired till I can feel Dizzy out of sudden. After another few seconds, It's getting worst. This time, no serious, I can see my table is shaking and I asked my colleague "Hey do you guys feel the building is shaking?" they answered me "No, nothing"and they get back gossiping and laughing at a corner.

I was like Ok and get back to MSN and facebooking. Then one of my friend message me saying that her office building in KL is shaking! This time, I told my colleagues again
"Hey my friend also said her office is shaking, don't you guys feel it?" Then all of them remain silent and feel the environment. of the colleagues shouted
"Hey, it's really shaking, earthhquake!! we must not stay in the office anymore, run for life!!"

And everyone is panic and run out from our office. For me, I shut off my laptop and run for life as well. It's funny. There are some take lift and there are some who take stairs down the building. For me, I know it's not appropriate to take Lift but I'm lazy to walk down the stairs to my parking lot at B3 from my 5th floor office. So I juz take lift down.

The funniest part is...there's some working adult in the lift as well, once we get into the lift, he started to ask..."do you guys feel the earthquake just now?" and we all answered Him "YES!!" and he laughed. He said he feel it and closed his office straight!

Then once I reached the car park, I can see everyone is driving very fast out from the building and some even run to thier car to drive the car out. They makes me feel panic and I run like them to get my car. Hahaha...

THis earthquake is really an unforgettable experience for me as this is the second time I encountered it. The first time wasn't as scary as compares to this.

Monday, September 28, 2009

SEAFood feast @ Restaurant Kwai Lam, along Subang Airport

LAst Saturday, I went to have a very sumptuous seafood birthday dinner. A seafood dinner at somewhere around old Subang Airport. It's actually located at Kampung Melayu. The journey there was short, not even taking me more than 10mins drive from my current stay at Ara Damansara.

The restaurant named Restaurant Kwai LUm Seafood. WEll, basically serving normal 'tai chao' and variety of seafood. What we have ordered? We'd ordered 2 types of noodle (sin chao mai and kung fu yee min chao), 1 plate of kam heong bamboo lala, 1 plate of fried chicken wings, 1 plate of Spinach Vege, 2 plates of crabs; fried with salted egg and another kam heong crab, 1 piece of fish with alot of ginger (alive - fresh water fish, 1 plate of lai liew har and 5 big bottles of Tiger Beer. So all together 9 dishes to be shared among 7 of us.

Overall, the bill came up to around RM 291. It's pretty cheap as the portion of the food are very big.

If got chance, guys kindly go and have a try. Food is good. Service is good as well.


p/s: No pictures to be shown as we are all too hungry and busy eating, forgotten to snap some pics down to share. Will do it next time if I go again....

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Raya Holiday....uuuhhhuhhh

Yooo...Raya is just around the corner. Well, I'm going back to my hometown-Muar.. Can't wait for it. WHY?

hahah...As u know raya, there are great food around, and yes...Going back to have a feast...I miss Nasi Briyani, Ayam Masak Merah, Rendang and etc..keke~ Well normally for me, Raya will alwiz be the day where i EAT alot..kekeke...M sure I will gain weight for this..but its okay as it's once or twice a year!

Well, still can't decide how am I going back to Muar. Waiting for my fren/ cousin's feedback. They will only inform me whether they are going back or not. huhu....If not I think I gotta drive back ALONE again this time.
It will be very tired and lonely. If it is jammed, then it would be worst! I'm scared!
Pray hard that either of them going back so I can just tumpang along!

Well, its not cheap to travel back alone. Tol has already cost me around RM 20.10 for 1 way, petrol around 1 full tank of RM 75 (back n forth). So alone it cost me more than RM 115.20. IT's very costly. If I go back with my siblings, its still worth while! aiks......ALONE..ALONE..

Erm...Im hoping I can enjoy myself this Raya..WIsh to meet up with frenz and gossip more...keke!